Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello all! With the end of our freshman year approaching, we thought we'd share the top ten trends we've noticed on campus. Enjoy!

1. Sorority/Fraternity (but mostly sorority) clothing:
Sororities get t-shirts for everything! Spring Formal=t-shirt. Philanthropy Week=t-shirt. You're still breathing by the second month of school=t-shirt. Now, don't get me wrong, its all cute stuff and if there was someone handing me a t-shirt every other week I'd wear them all the time, but all incoming college women, be careful about going overboard. There's a girl in my math class who wears a PiPhi sweatshirt, bag and pants every day. You don't want to ignore every thing else in your wardrobe, cute as your new clothing may be.
I've also seen some girl's who make their own letter t-shirts using fabrics from other t-shirts and stuff like boxers (Vineyard Vines letters anyone?) to make themselves stand out. 

The top contenders are definitely the Lilly, of course. Lilly has four sorority prints out right now and are adding more. How lucky for you sorority ladies :)

2. Nike Shorts.

We've seen these everywhere. They are great. Claire has a pair and they're great for other types of exercise besides running because they ride up occasionally. They are water resistance and come in EVERY color! While not worth shelling out $20-$30 for all those colors, it is definitely worth having at least one pair. 

3. Polo hats (really hats of any kind, but Polo has the cutest)

Neither of us have one of these, but they's so cute we're both lusting after them. They're perfect for just those pony tail days and can make just a baggy t-shirt and leggings (classic college outfit, live by it) look more put together. Claire has an extensive hat collection though and almost never wears them so she will probably not be shelling out the money for this adorable one any time soon though. Caroline has a few hats repping her hometown, high school and, of course Mizzou, but probably won't be buying one. 

4. Big Bags (Very Bradley and Longchamp are favorites)

Its nice to have a big bag for days when you have not a lot of classes or just don't feel like carrying a backpack. Vera Bradley's are great because they have tons of pockets and room for water bottles, notebooks and anything else you might be carrying. Longchamps are a bit better because in Claire's opinion some Vera Bradley prints are a bit too old lady-ish. She likes the owl print best. Caroline really likes the Longchamps because they are classic. 

5. Leggings
Leggings are a college necessity. Great for working out, class, studying, lounging, laundry and anything else you could possibly do in college. Get various colors and lengths and live by them. 

6. School Clothing!

We both had a conversation today about how much we love school clothing and want some more. It seems silly, but get lots of school clothing. T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses for games, accessories and shoes! Around the end of summer we will be doing a post on cute things to get for game days! Go tigers!

We love TOMS. Caroline has a pair, but Claire has yet to convert. We both posted one of our favorite pairs. Caroline loves the sweet glittery ones (if Barbie was a person, she would own these shoes) and Claire picked the nautical anchor pair. Not only are they for a great cause they are cute and comfy! 

8. Pullovers

There are a ton of these around campus and we can see why! They look super soft and can go with everything. They come in everything from sweatshirt material, knit, fleece, thin cotton, Mizzou, sororities, and every color. Really, invest in one. And the back collar can be initialed/monogrammed. 

9. Wellies

So. Dang. Cute. Really who doesn't want pink rain boots? These are a bit pricey (about $125-$175), but will last forever and can double as snow boots (with lining, which will run you another $30). Claire has a pair of Sperry boots that ran about $80 that were already lined and Caroline has a pair of pink polka dot Target rain boots that were about $30, but there is no doubt these boots are very popular. 

10. Jelly Watches

Both of us have one of these watches. Caroline's is a nice tan and Claire's is a sharp white. However, we both want this one:
(Is it obvious we're obsessed with our school yet?) 
For only $35.00 who wouldn't want this!
You can find your school's HERE!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello friends!
Sorry we haven't been posting recently, things were pretty hectic before spring break. Our dear Claire is on an alternative spring break trip this week helping to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. Isn't she fab? I'm not up to much, which is nice. I miss my Monday, Wednesday, Friday time with the girls at school, but it is super nice to be home. I just wanted to update this, and be sure to check back soon for regular posting.
Enjoy this not so springy weather!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What's In Our Bags

With this long week coming to an end, we'd like to show you what we've been toting around all week.
1. My notebook with lists, all my homework and notes to myself. I got a three pack at target for under $3!
2. My Mizzou Planner. I don’t use this that much, but it does keep me updated about things going on around campus.
3. Set of markers, pens and pencils. Love sharpies!
4. A black and white folder that has all of my registration information because I need to pick classes next week!
5. Homework Binder: I put important papers that I need for each class so I can avoid bringing every binder with me.
6. My Clicker for Class
                                                                                   7. Calculator. UGH.
                                                                                     8. Fruit Snacks. Essential!
                                                                                   9. Laptop with satin cover
                                                                           10. My Laptop case for extra padding!

1. Extra Deodorant for trips to the gym (HA) and just to feel fresh on the go!
2. Chapstick. Another Essential.
3. Mint Chapstick. Addiction.
4. Extra Mascara
5. Blueberry Hand sanitizer from my Roomie.
6. On the go wallet with my ID, debit card and extra gum.
7. Face Wipes
8. Hello Kitty Hand Wipes
9. Kleenex
10. Headband and extra hair ties
11. Gum. Essential!
12. Say Yes to Carrots Lotion. LOVE IT!
13. Ipod. Essential.
14. Muh Phone
15. Starbucks Instant Coffee, Caramel Flavored 

1. Water bottle. I have to have this.
2. “C” Coffee Cup
3. Sunglasses
4. Polka Dot Umbrella 

1st Picture
1. Lilly Pulizter small notebook- I use this as a giant weekly to-do list. There is also a small legal pad binder clipped inside for my daily to-do list.
2. These are all my notebooks and folders. I like to color coordinate.
3. My trusty computer of course!

4. This is the planner my school gives everyone in the dorms at the beginning of the year. I use it to write down when everything is due, but it is too small to fit all of my daily stuff in it.
5. Reusable grocery bag- I just like having something in case I need a bag of some sort ha ha.
6. This is my huge T1 Calculator that is really the best thing ever. It has a huge screen so if you’re doing a long problem you can see what you solved for before.
7. This is pencil case. Actually it’s a makeup bag that I use to house my multitudes of pens because it has a plastic lining so ink can’t leak through!
8. Keychain housing bike key, computer lock key, Mizzou keychain and a Starbucks gift card for those kind of days.
9. One of my many pads of paper. This one says ‘Do now’ and ‘Do eventually’ which I think is adorable!
10. Sharpie markers. I use these if I want to write on something that won’t take a pen, like a notebook cover.
11. Flashcards! Always necessary!
12. Post-its, another must have. I have many.

13. Gum- I don’t chew it much, but its nice to have if I’m really hungry. Chewing on something makes me think less about my hunger and focus more on class.
14. My Camelbak water bottle- I got this from my high school mentor/favorite teacher/best friend/DBFFF (that’s diabetic best friends for life for those who don’t watch Scrubs)(No, I am not diabetic, I just like that term)/fellow Coca-Cola addict and it is possibly the best water bottle I’ve ever owned. I love it.
15. Earphones
16. Lanyard- including my school ID, key (with an owl keycap on it!), flash-drive and Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on it.
17. Lotion- Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush
18. Chapstick- Vanilla SoftLips with SPF 15
19. Bookmark
20. Crystal Light on the Go- I always have a few of these handy. I will have to take this out though since I gave up all kinds of Iced Tea (this one happens to be peach tea) so I don’t get tempted. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What We're Loving Wednesday

Here are a few things that we're loving this Wednesday!
We were looking at piglets in my bio class the other and I fell in love. They are so cute and pink and I just want one so bad! If I got one, I would name it Miss Piggy and I would love it forever. I have three exams this weeks, so when I take a break from studying, I look at pictures of them and laugh and smile because they are so cute! Check them out, seriously,   you will love them!

I also got a new watch this weekend and I love it! Watches are so practical and cute. I decided to go with this color because it matches everything. I also love the diamonds on the face. I think a watch can really pull together and outfit and give it a polished look. I got it at Charming Charlie.

Sharpie Pens 

Sharpie pens are amazing. They write so well and don't leak at all. My roommate recently converted me to them and I went out and bought a pack pretty much the  next day. If you haven't invested in a set of these, do it soon. 

I also recently got a new Tervis Tumber. I've only had one before that was plain until I put a huge curly green 'C' on it. I went into Bath&Beyond the other day and knew I had to have this. I've been using it nonstop. Unfortunately, I gave up sweet tea for Lent so it will have to sit in my dishes cupboard for a while. Pray these 40 days go fast!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cute for class

Don't get me wrong, I love to be comfy for classes! But sometimes an overlarge sweater and leggings won't cut it! If I have a meeting with a teacher or advisor, or even a full day, I don't want to look like I just got out of bed at noon (even if I did)! For days like this, a slightly more put together look is required.  The men's (small) plaid shirt is just long enough to hit past the waist (or cover your but if you wear leggings! Very important!) and match with the long cardigan. However, I buy my button downs from American Eagle about four sizes too big because they still have the feminine fit, but are long like the men's shirt. However, sometimes you just can't them as soft as men's shirt. Ralph (Lauren), how do you do it? This outfit can be worn with jeans or leggings and boots look perfect with it because it gives the impression of showing less. The watch just looks professional! Never forget the pearls. 
Cute for class
Cute for class by ClaireAntonia featuring yellow gold jewelry

Going Out!

I love these two outfits because they are very interchangeable and work for most times of the year! I love flowy (I almost never wear form-fitting tops, only dresses) and ruffly tops. The first top can be dressed down with the fringe boots (and made more comfy) or dressed up for dinner with some classic black pumps. It can be made classic with pearls or modern with some fun owl earrings (my lovely roommate got me these exact pair for Christmas and they are fabulous). The flowey top is equally versatile and can be worn as a dress with leggings or tights (not alone!) and boots or heels or just a long top for the taller ladies. These seven items can make multiple outfits, even more with leggings and headbands added to the mix!
Going Out!
Going Out! by ClaireAntonia featuring straight leg jeans

Cozy for Classes

This is my, Claire's, first post! This is my outfit for being super comfy for class. I love big sweaters and leggings (and cute school supplies, of course)! This outfit is perfect for a shorter class day/early classes and then going home and napping. I love the sweater (its a men's small) in different colors and then any kind of shoes with is ( particularly Sperry's and boots). And, of course, never leave the house without some pearls. 
And lastly, as the wonderful Coco Chanel said, always remember: 
"When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on."
Cozy for Classes
Cozy for Classes by ClaireAntonia featuring yellow gold jewelry